What This Independent Thinker Believes


A few of my intellectual influences were founders of America.

What KSP Perkins Believes on a Public Policy Level

I thought I would take ten to fifteen minutes to clarify what I believe, so allow me to use this post to prevent any misinterpretation of what I believe.

General Philosophy

Generally, my beliefs fit right into the dictionary definition of a libertarian. I hold a belief that the sole bedrock of libertarian thought is the Free Will Doctrine. I see both abortion and abstinence-only programs as problems; and favor using comprehensive sex ed to end both. What’s more is I favor free trade, free enterprise, free banking, and free migration. Also, I fully endorse legalizing gay marriage, keeping religion and regime apart, and making all schools Charter schools, independent schools who are subject to a very tough accountability standard, rather than a very huge regulatory burden.

I firmly oppose the IRS and our entire Tax System we have here in America and favor repealing it all, and starting over from scratch. Specifically restart from scratch with a 15% national sales tax that only people making more hourly income than $15 have to pay into. I believe that a social safety net should be provided by the 83% of Americans who love to give money generously to those who need such a net, in place of being provided by government. So far as healthcare goes, I do not think it is a privilege or a right, I believe it is a service. How much medical care should cost I say varies by what kind of labor it requires of the service provider.

To prove it, I took these online political quizzes with these results:

  1. World’s Smallest Politics Quiz = 80% Personal Score, 90% Economic Score
  2. Political Compass = Fiscally 4 points Right, Socially 4 points Libertarian
  3. Libertarian Purity Test = 97, meaning radically hard-core minarchist.

Foreign Policy

Spectacularly, the issue category I excel at having a planet’s worth of libraries worth of factoid knowledge in, is foreign policy. This you and I both know, reader, is ultra-rare for libertarians especially in America. And this is due to how the popular and easy approach for libertarians to foreign policy is to approach it’s issues one-sided, and blinded by feel-good, anti-war activism.

As for me, I am someone who can decipher that the world around America does not share such natures as statistically proven above. Instead, the rest of the world is mostly animalism and predatory verdicts, and Draconian edicts, with a midsize handful of free societies here and there. Plus I am someone who knows so many factoids about foreign policy in particular that I have a range of principles I adhere to on these issues, and on my minarchist bent as well. Here are the Principles, as Size-3 Headings.

Peace Through Strength

Basically, I believe that a free society only stays free and can only stay a minarchist regime if it has a massively powerful military. Which is why I am an outspoken proponent of shifting current-size military spending away from higher priced weapons and vehicles and towards lower priced, similar quality ones. It is also why I am very in favor of auditing the Pentagon every Autumn, every Winter, every Spring and every Summer, totaling 4 times per year. For me, making a free society’s military as mighty as it needs to be means innovating ways to build an enormous military on a limited budget.

And fun fact, did you know James Madison was the first president to believe in Military Might as the best peace insurance for a free society? Also, the phrase was invented in Ancient Rome by an Emperor called Hadrian!

Nothing Less Than Victory

Named for a book that I bought off Amazon and am currently reading, this is the principle that the goal of a free society’s war should always be to defeat the targeted tyranny’s will to do terrorism, genocide and/or slavery to anyone. Grant you, I do not think we should be engaged in any level of nation-building, or of world paternalism, and most totally not of winning hearts and minds.

Also, I think that a free society’s military needs to apply the advise of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War when it fights.

Capitalist Peace Theory

Frankly, this is a principle based on an observation that has been getting made since the Age of Enlightenment. Basically it is the idea that the freer a country’s markets are, the less likely that country’s government is to be a warmongering government. The evidence for this theory being facts of life is not just riddled throughout history, it is found by comparing economic liberty maps to economic gross domestic product maps.

I am someone who believes that the more centrally planned a country’s markets are, the more likely that country is to be eager to terrorism, genocide, slavery, and unprovoked wars of conquest.

Empire of Liberty

Something Thomas Jefferson thought of on Christmas of 1780, he recognized as I do the duty of the American People to spread freedom across the world. TJ saw the mission of the United States as not a warmongering matter but rather a matter of being a role model. From expanding individual liberty abroad, to jumping to the defense of self and of others abroad. Post-Jefferson pushers of this principle have been James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John Kennedy, Ronald Raegan, Bill Clinton and George Bush Jr.

So domestically, yes, I do believe in the minarchist standard of a free society where government role is limited to upholding individual liberty equally for all. And thus in what kind of society I want to live in, government provides four things:

  1. Cops
  2. Courts
  3. Law
  4. Troops

And conjoined with capitalist peace theory, my belief in empire of liberty leads me to be someone who thinks the answer to the question of whether to impose minarchism onto foreign societies is an absolute yes. This principle also impacts what taste in friends I as an American libertarian want America to have. I want America to only be honest friends with other free societies, seeing as it is only free societies who are capable of truly making actual friendships.

End of Page thoughts

Thanks everyone for reading this so now you know the meat of what I believe and next page will be about who I am demographically and on a lifestyle level. In the mean time if you would sign onto donating $1.75 per month below that would be fantastic!

~KSP Perkins