What I think in politics and in religion


John Locke, the Non-religious Deist who invented the political and religious viewpoints I as a Non-religious atheist pay by; libertarian and humanist respectively.

Here is where your friendly Cheshire CT blogger guy stands on political and religious matters

Hello, humanity! Basically this is a place where you can click on any link to see the page for where I stand in full and why. In my blog posts we only see me hint at these stances, however here is where you are able to see where I stand, how and why along with when I first started believing it.

Where I Stand On…

On Science & Religion

  • Every God is a fictional character to me.
  • I say the Earth has only two seasons!
  • America’s values: Judeo-Christian or Humanist?
  • ‘Atheist’ values Don’t exist, You speak of ‘humanist’ values.
  • Humanists normalized the Golden Rule bit by bit.
  • Our species: carnivore-toothed since 281 million BC!
  • Human evolved very slowly from thumbnail sized fish?
  • Freedom of Religion belongs to humanists, too.
  • Paleontology and Zoology: 2 very useful, & very ignored, sciences!
  • What is Planet Theia and why do I think we stand on it now?
  • Humanity has these body temp controls as of 281 million BC.
  • In defense of Evolutionary Biology
  • Pro-Life arguments for Comprehensive Sex Ed
  • Concerning life on Earth before the Dinosaurs…

On Politics & Elections

  • My cynical ‘No Re-elects voting’ is justified like this…
  • Democrat or Republican? Nope, I vote Independently. No leans.
  • Who would I vote for in other Free Societies?
  • Censorship is to Villainy as Science is to Heroism.
  • You can be Anti-death-penalty and still be harsh on actual crime
  • Actual crime Versus Victimless crime
  • Everything Wrong with the War On Drugs
  • In favor of Free Markets and Free Trade
  • How free migration is not open borders. But is morally correct migrant policy.
  • Scotland taught us banking policy: a Free Banking case
  • How to End War and Famine: Change every regime to a Free Society
  • You know how you can fix the wage gaps? Freedom of Contract!
  • Total Freedom of Choice in food and clothing is a Gorgeous thing.
  • How to End Racism and Sexism: Change every regime to a Free Society
  • Using Fossil Fuel and Legislating Energy Norms: BOTH immoral!
  • The often-censored Valor and Honor of the US military
  • No, Social Security does NOT need Payroll Tax to be funded.
  • Making Taxation Theft Again, but from within the Enumerated Powers list!
  • Painful reality 101, War is always the only answer to absolutely proven threats.
  • True backers of individual freedom back Israel
  • So, America is the best country ever, here are the reasons why.
  • Don’t legislate morality, all these laws ever do is trivialize violent crime!
  • Economists desire much more economic individualism than is the status quo.
  • Not getting paid enough for a decent life? Demand government to give you and your employer absolute freedom of contract!
  • Just War Doctrine Versus Nothing Less Than Victory; NLTV wins!
  • War’s good for nothing? That’s only true when Tyranny Zones wage it!
  • If the ‘Toxicity of Recreational Drugs’ study from 2006 calls it safer than alcohol, then legalize it.
  • Keep Progressives out of her wallet and Conservatives out of her wardrobe!
  • Just because war sucks does not deny Free Societies a right to Defensive war.
  • Inanimate objects do not harbor moralities: only individual human beings can harbor explicitly proven moralities.
  • You know that US Bill of Rights thing? Yeah, it’s 1st Amendment is Unconditional. In all political topic chats, in all ideological camps.
  • The rest of the US bill of rights is also meant to be unconditional.
  • I reject ALL Organized Religions, but I will defend until I’m gone their right to be embraced by anyone who embraces any of them!
  • Would you say some lifestyle choices you hate for puritan or PC reasons is worse than Twenty Two trillion USD of national debt?

As you get to know me here…

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~Kyle S. Perkins