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This Page tells you who I go to in the way of Policy institutes.

Hello, internet! I have decided to tell everyone who I go to in the way of policy institutes and why, and these I consider worthy of me linking to and citing on various topics.

But note that these are all in alphabetical order and I do not always agree with any of these think tanks on everything, I am very Independent in my thinking, political and otherwise.

American Enterprise Institute

The AEI is basically a center right, fiscally libertarian, culturally centrist think tank that happens to align its foreign policy advisory with the Thomas Jeffersonian idea that ‘all humans are created equal and endowed with the same rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness’. That right there states all my reasons that I link to them on economics and on foreign policy.

Ayn Rand Institute & Ayn Rand Lexicon

The ARI bases its policy positions on an ideology that is neither leftist nor rightist, but rather a similar but different movement to libertarianism, one called Objectivism. The difference that sticks out to me enough for me to constantly link to Objectivist sources like ARI, the Ayn Rand Lexicon and the Objective Standard; is in foreign policy.

Because mainstream libertarian opinion is all about cultural relativism on the diplomatic side and a nationally suicidal ‘pacifism until attacked’ on the military side. Whereas Objectivists advocate for a foreign policy of unilaterally lowering other countries’ tariffs and protectionisms and border controls to zero and a military policy of Right of Self Defense and of Nothing Less Than Victory.

Cato Institute

The think tank called Cato is both fiscally and culturally libertarian, and tends to be far less pacifist and somewhat less cultural relativist on soldiery and on diplomacy, respectively, in relation to mainstream American libertarian narratives.

But they still manage to stand on, in my eyes, 97% of the right principles and 97% of the right positions to prove their worthiness of me linking directly to their articles.


Here is the group I get my support for green capitalism from. This right here is the club I look to when arguing in favor of hydropower as the best form of clean energy, or against government subsidies of energy or whatever else there is to make arguments about.

Foreign Policy Initiative

Even though I cannot ever agree with neocons on Democracy Promotion or Oil Grabbing, the FPI still manages to be a think tank whose arguments and articles and principles closely align, for the most part, with my own foreign policy and strategic defense beliefs and principles.

What I agree with the FPI on is that all people are equally entitled to individual freedom and to the economics of free enterprise, even though the only economic thing FPI seems to ever talk about is their endorsement of free trade, something I too endorse!

Log Cabin Republicans

“I thought you, Kyle ‘LDA’ Perkins, were an Independent voter!?” Well, yes I am, but let me explain why I find this group worthy of citation in every article I write on my WordPress channel here. Because I stand up for LGBT rights any way I can within Liberty driven principles like Marriage Privatization, among others.

Plus I love seeing that there is an entire think tank that doubles as an activist club and that exists to educate the GOP on the fiscal conservatism of being inclusive toward LGBT peoples.


My hardcore opposition to the War on Drugs leads me to link quite a lot to NORML whenever I come across a need to speak of drug laws, and of weed laws in particular. I do hope I do not need to go into further detail.

Republican Majority for Choice

Here I go again with eagerness as an Independent voter with no lean to link to a Fringe GOP group, this time one that thinks in Pro-Choice, Women’s-rights-first lines of thought. For example, this is the most likely group in that party that I will never join to call for comprehensive sex ed, aka Abstinence Plus.

Anyone else?

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