What This Independent Thinker Believes


A few of my intellectual influences were founders of America.

What KSP Perkins Believes on a Public Policy Level

I thought I would take ten to fifteen minutes to clarify what I believe, so allow me to use this post to prevent any misinterpretation of what I believe.

Generic Common Principles I Espouse

As just some peep on the internet with a WordPress channel, I am fiscally conservative and socially humanist, by the 3rd definition I’ve linked to. But I do not want to force my social humanism onto anyone but myself. I’m in favor of free trade, gay rights, free banking, women’s rights, free expression, freedom of religion, free enterprise and freedom to select one’s clothing choices during one’s free time.

Fine Details in my brain’s Politics dept.

I believe that marriage should be unconditionally privatized with the only government interference being to enforce marriage contracts, which I’d like to see set bilaterally or multilaterally between the newlyweds.

On abortion, I vastly oppose tax dollar funded performers of it like Planned Parenthood, but I also emphasize the moral necessity of Comprehensive Sex Ed, and I believe that the line between legal and illegal abortion should be right along the line between first and second trimester.

Basically I am very opposed to the minimum wage and call for freedom of contract with the only exception being one that has workers getting paid proportionally to how how much of the productive output was directly and individually their productive output.

According to me, Taxation in the United States as it is fails on every single level, and we need to get rid of our entire wildly complicated tax code and all the taxes it comes with and start all over again from scratch with a tax of 20% on all global trade, and no other taxes. However, I do not want to allow regulation of trade either.

My foreign policy views are aligned with the Thomas Jefferson and Classical liberal concept called Empire of Liberty. Meaning I believe that the US military’s job is not to foster democracy overseas but rather to defend human freedom on a Jeffersonian ‘All men are equally endowed with the same rights to life, liberty and happiness‘ basis. I refuse to allow any form of downsizing the US military and I also to refuse to allow our country to negotiate or be friendly with obvious tyrannies. Not to mention, I am very in favor of being friendly to obvious free societies like Israel. Also, I believe in Capitalist Peace Theory and support a strong US military that does Capitalist rollback around the world.

Then on immigration policy, I believe that deporting 11 million immigrants is a terribly venomous idea, but I also think that granting amnesty to immigrants is a putrid idea. Building a border wall is wretched to me because we already have a fence and also because the real way to be smart about upgrading our border fence is to mandate Ellis Island model criminal and medical checks for everyone crossing the fence. As for the immigrants themselves I think we need the migrants to be allowed to independently apply for United States citizenship.

End of Page thoughts

Thanks everyone for reading this so now you know the meat of what I believe and next page will be about who I am demographically and on a lifestyle level. In the mean time if you would sign onto donating $1.75 per month below that would be fantastic!

~KSP Perkins